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This project provides a serverless infrastructure for updating the availability zones of autoscaling groups en masse.



  • AzFailAwayStack - This stack sets up the serverless application described in the architecture diagram
  • TestAsgStack - This stack creates a specified number of asgs for testing the AzFailAwayStack

⚠️ Warnings ⚠️

  • The AzFailAwayStack deploys an unsecured HTTP API to API Gateway! Before leveraging this solution in a real world environment be sure to implement proper access controls according to your organization's security guidelines. Not doing so could allow unauthorized updates of your infrastructure.
  • This solution assumes that the AWS control plane is operational and that the AZ failures are occurring only at the data plane.

Useful commands

  • npm run build compile typescript to js
  • cdk deploy -c account=<your_account> -c region=<your_region> AzFailAwayStack
  • cdk deploy -c account=<your_account> -c region=<your_region> -c vpcId <your_vpc_id> TestAsgStack


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