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Write AWS CDK Integration tests using CDK integ-test and CDK integ-runner constructs

Stability: Stable

This is a stable example. It should successfully build out of the box

This example uses the core CDK library, and does not have any infrastructure prerequisites to build.

This example demonstrates how to write integration tests for your CDK applications using the AWS CDK integ-test CDK construct and integ-runner CLI Tool.

Our example application is a serverless data enrichment application with persistence shown in Figure 1. CDK integration tests are written for this application under the integ-tests/ folder. When these tests are run, it creates a separate integration test stack (a copy of your operational application) and runs the test against this isolated environment.

Figure 1


You should have a basic understanding of AWS CDK and event-driven architecture.

  • An AWS account
  • NodeJS and Npm are installed
  • Install AWS CDK version 2.73.0 or later
  • Clone this repository

How to run

Configure your AWS CLI credentials in your terminal:

aws configure

Install the project dependencies:

npm install

Build the TS application:

npm run build

Run integration test:

npm run integ-test

To clean the generated build filed in Javascript run:

npm run clean

To lint the repository code according to the rules in .eslintrc.json run:

npm run lint:fix

Helpful resources

For information on how to get started with these constructs, please refer to AWS CDK Integ Test documentation.


See CONTRIBUTING for more information.


This library is licensed under the MIT-0 License. See the LICENSE file.


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