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Simple MQTT to Kinesis bridge Python example
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A simple Python-based MQTT-to-Kinesis Bridge example.

Getting Started

To get this example working with Python 2.7+, first install boto 2.23+ and paho-mqtt 0.4.91+ using:

$ pip install boto
$ pip install paho-mqtt

and follow the instructions here to get your credentials setup in the AWS SDK for Python (aka. boto) for use. The credentials you use should permit at least these Kinesis actions: CreateStream, DescribeStream, GetRecords, GetShardIterator, ListStreams and PutRecord. Both the MergeShards and SplitShard actions are unused in this example.

Then install the Mosquitto MQTT Broker by following the instructions here, for your OS of choice.

Once the Mosquitto broker is installed and the AWS SDK for Python is configured with your credentials, in one Terminal Window or Command Line Shell:

$ mosquitto

and then in another, run the Kinesis Bridge:

$ python <stream_name>

which will activate the Mosquitto MQTT Broker and the MQTT-to-Kinesis Bridge example, respectively. The defaults for the bridge is to connect to us-east-1, however you can specify the region with the --region argument.

$ python <stream_name> --region <region>

To send an example message to the MQTT endpoint that will then flow to the Kinesis stream named <stream_name> you should post a message to the mqttkb MQTT topic.

(Aside: mqttkb stands for "MQTT Kinesis Bridge")

In a third window you might run the following mosquitto_pub command to submit an MQTT message to the localhost broker:

$ mosquitto_pub -h localhost -t "mqttkb/test" -m "howdy world_00”

which will result in close to the following being shown in the Kinesis Bridge's output.

$ python my-first-stream
  "StreamDescription": {
    "HasMoreShards": false,
    "Shards": [
        "HashKeyRange": {
          "EndingHashKey": "340282366920938463463374607431768211455",
          "StartingHashKey": "0"
        "SequenceNumberRange": {
          "StartingSequenceNumber": "49535927568753752356407087005221112966147386710595469313"
        "ShardId": "shardId-000000000000"
    "StreamARN": "arn:aws:kinesis:us-east-1:123gibberish:stream/my-first-stream",
    "StreamName": "my-first-stream",
    "StreamStatus": "ACTIVE"
Starting MQTT-to-Kinesis bridge
Bridge Connected, looping...
Subscribe topic: mqttkb/+ RC: (0, 1)
on_message topic: "mqttkb/test" msg.payload: "howdy world_00"
-= put seqNum: 49535927568753752371147382937418582483315273051544748033

For detailed help and configuration options, enter: python --help.

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