Official repository for the aws-sdk-rails gem, which integrates the AWS SDK for Ruby with Ruby on Rails.
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AWS SDK for Ruby Rails Plugin

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A Ruby on Rails plugin that integrates AWS services with your Rails application using the AWS SDK for Ruby Version 3.


Simply require this in your Rails project's Gemfile, and AWS SDK features will be added to your Rails environment:

gem 'aws-sdk-rails'

This dependency will automatically pull the core gem for version 3 of the AWS SDK for Ruby. It also brings in the aws-sdk-ses and aws-sdk-sts gems. You will still need to add other service gems you need to your Gemfile. For example:

gem 'aws-sdk-rails', '~> 2'
gem 'aws-sdk-s3', '~> 1'

You will have to ensure that you provide credentials for the SDK to use. See the AWS SDK for Ruby V3 Docs for details. If you need to provide your own credentials, you can call client-creating actions manually. For example, to provide your own credentials and make Amazon Simple Email Service available as a delivery method for ActionMailer, you can create an initializer RAILS_ROOT/config/initializers/aws_sdk.rb with contents similar to the following:

require 'json'

# Assuming a file "path/to/aws_secrets.json" with contents like:
#     { "AccessKeyId": "YOUR_KEY_ID", "SecretAccessKey": "YOUR_ACCESS_KEY" }
# Remember to exclude "path/to/aws_secrets.json" from version control, e.g. by
# adding it to .gitignore
secrets = JSON.load('path/to/aws_secrets.json'))

creds =['AccessKeyId'], secrets['SecretAccessKey'])
Aws::Rails.add_action_mailer_delivery_method(:aws_sdk, credentials: creds, region: 'us-east-1')

Or, if you are storing your AWS keys using Rails 5.2's Encrypted Credentials, use the following initializer code instead:

# Assuming an encrypted credentials file with decrypted contents like:
#     aws:
#       access_key_id: YOUR_KEY_ID
#       secret_access_key: YOUR_ACCESS_KEY
keys = Rails.application.credentials[:aws]

creds =[:access_key_id], keys[:secret_access_key])
Aws::Rails.add_action_mailer_delivery_method(:aws_sdk, credentials: creds, region: "us-east-1")

If you're running your Ruby on Rails application on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, keep in mind that the AWS SDK for Ruby will automatically check Amazon EC2 instance metadata for credentials. Learn more: IAM Roles for Amazon EC2

AWS SDK for Ruby Logging Uses the Rails Logger

Automatically, the AWS SDK for Ruby will be configured to use the built-in Rails logger for any SDK log output.

Using Amazon SES as an ActionMailer Delivery Method

The gem will set this up automatically, with an example of doing this manually above. With the delivery method in place, you simply need to configure Rails to use SES as a delivery method in your environment configuration:

# for e.g.: RAILS_ROOT/config/environments/production.rb
config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :aws_sdk

With this in place, the AWS SDK's SES client will be used by ActionMailer.