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The SendGrid-Reversi is an open source demo project.

Build Status

How it works

This application is Ruby application to work on Sinatra.
This uses some of SendGrid APIs.

  • Web API(Mail, Filter Settings, Parse Webhook Settings)
  • SMTP API(To, Substitutions, Filters)
  • Parse Webhook
  • Event Webhook (Click)
  • Template Engine

This stores the game data and template id to MongoDB.

System Requirements

Installation, Setup & Launch the application

You have 2 options for launching the application. You can launch the application on local environment or Heroku. Heroku is simple way.

1. Heroku

1-1. Click Heroku button


1-2. Setup the application
Parameters Description
APP_URL Your application URL.
PARSE_HOST The domain name of receive email.
1-3. View the application

Access APP_URL for checking the application launch. Now you are ready for reversi! Goto Usage.

2. Local environment

2-1. Run the ngrok

ngrok is easy way to publish your service if you launch the application on local environment.
'4567' is the port number to tunnel.
You will see Forwarding URL when you launch ngrok.

$ ngrok 4567  
ngrok                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (Ctrl+C to quit)
Tunnel Status                 online
Version                       1.6/1.6
Forwarding           ->
Forwarding           ->
Web Interface       
# Conn                        0
Avg Conn Time                 0.00ms
2-2. Get the source code from GitHub
$ git clone
$ cd sendgrid-reversi
2-3. Run bundle install
$ bundle install
2-4. Copy .env file
$ cp .env.example .env
2-5. Edit the .env file
vi .env
Parameters Description
SENDGRID_USERNAME Your SendGrid username.
SENDGRID_PASSWORD Your SendGrid password.
APP_URL Your application URL. 'URL Forwarding' value if you use ngrok.
PARSE_HOST The domain name of receive email.
MONGO_URL The url of mongodb. ex. mongodb://user:pass@localhost:27017/reversi_development
2-6. Launch mongod
$ mongod
2-7. Launch Application

The application setup SendGrid when first time launch. Also start the service to listen.

$ RACK_ENV=production rackup -p 4567


1. Start a game

Player1 sends email to any address of PARSE_HOST domain.
That subject include email address of player2.

To: game@your.receive.domain
Subject: player2@address.test
2. Get an email and click it

Player2 get an email like this.
He(she) can click on the email where he(she) want to put disc.
After this, the each player get an email then click it.

3. Pass your turn

You can click 'Pass your turn' link under the board if you want to pass your turn.

4. Finish the game

The game will finish in the case:

  • All cell was filled.
  • Each player continuously clicked the pass link.
5. text/plain part

You can view text/plain version board email if your email client does not support html mail.


Do not say 'Create a browser based application'. This is a demo application. ;-)