Fun little REPL for Perl6 inspired by Pry, nREPL, and others
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A fun little REPL for perl6 inspired by Pry, nREPL, and others

Build Status


Demo program:

use LREP;

sub hmm {
  my $x = "hello";
  say $x;


Then when you run it you get a prompt. You can look at local vars and change them. "^D" to continue.

> $x
> $x = "bye"
> ^D


  • Middleware / Plugins
    • Make adding plugins easy. Middleware == Plugins!
    • Make plugins powerful -- build off of each other, declarative help
    • Make everything a plugin
    • Extract middleware into separate files
    • Adopt some middleware-dependency concepts like nREPL has?
  • Make (optionally) client/server
  • Hook up a next/step debugger
  • Steal more from core REPL for tab-complete
  • Add handy plugins from Pry
    • ls -- list current context methods, list methods of obj
    • show-source -- show the source code of something
    • show-doc -- show the documentation for something
    • @ / whereami -- show the current surrounding source code
    • help -- help!