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JavaScript Arc Scheme
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Source for Currently the code is rather messy, as I was trying out a bunch of different ideas and haven't cleaned up yet.


To run locally for development, you'll need to first install Racket and the hackinator. For installation instructions, see the hackinator readme.

Change source* in the second "else" part of the if in config.arc to the location where you have the source checked out. Change datadir* in the 5th line of data.arc to a convenient location to store the data directory.

You can start the server on port 8080 with:

hack evalto.recipe

You should now be able to go to http://localhost:8080 (note http, not https) and see the home page.

For the rest of the site to work, you'll need to run the server behind nginx. If you don't already have nginx installed, on Ubuntu you can install it with:

sudo apt-get install -y nginx

then change /etc/nginx/nginx.conf to be a symbolic link to evalto/nginx/nginx.conf.

Now when you start nginx you should be able to go to https://localhost/ (note this time it's https, not http) and see the home page again. The rest of the site should now work.


Kirubakaran fixed the endlessly spinning browser page loading indicator.