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Free theme for Flatpress blog tool
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Axel's theme A Touch Of Glass


This is a theme for the blog software flatpress ( My theme is based on the code of Leggero theme. Thanks go to NoWhereMan and Drudo!!

This theme offers a clean blog like frontend. This theme was made because

  • I wanted a larger font size and
  • I need wider space for the posts
  • a selected category or selected year+month is not highlighted or shown in Flatpress


  • one theme for 1, 2 or 3 column layout. Just place your widgets to activate / hide the columns
  • available areas:
    • top menu bar for static widget "menu"
    • left column
    • right column
  • integrated icon set fontawesome 5.8 (using CDNJS)
  • header with search field and links to RSS feeds
  • frontend widgets get an icon in header
  • the selected category filter or archive filter is highligted in the frontend widgets
  • In the blog header the filtered category or date is shown
  • If a blog post is shown then categories and time will be marked
  • admin area gets warmer colors and icons from fontawesome icon set


  • Copy the theme folder "atog" below ./fp-interface/themes/
  • Go to the admin of flatpress -> theme and select the theme "Axel's theme A Touch Of Glass" to activate it
  • optionally select a wanted style


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