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Helps you keep a local branch rebased on top of a master branch
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git-update helps you keep your local branch rebased on top of your master branch. It is expected that most commits will be cherry-picked into the master branch so that each of your long-lived local branches (on different computers) do not stray too far from the master.


tig is used to allow easy cherry-picking from the command-line. Install via the web page or by compiling.


Add your git-update directory to your $PATH. For example: echo "export PATH=$HOME/git-update-dir/:$PATH"

First run

The first time you run git-update it will prompt you for the name of the local branch. This is the branch that you will be rebasing on top of master. It is usually a branch that is specific to that machine, for example work-pc.


Two operations are supported, getting updates and pushing updates.

First commit any current changes you have to your computer-specific branch. Next run:

git update get

This will get the latest changes from the master and rebase your computer-specific changes on top of them. Then run:

git update push

This will let you choose which commits on your computer-specific branch actually belong in master.

When tig launches cherry-pick the commits you want to move from the local branch to master by using j/k to navigate to the commit and C to cherry-pick. If a cherry-pick fails quit tig by pressing q and Ctrl-c to abort git update. Then do the cherry-pick manually.


  • Maybe include a script to copy into the git-exec directory (like git flow)
  • Move the initial setup into a git update init command
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