Waveshare E-Paper Display driver for devices running Pycom-flavored MicroPython
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Waveshare E-Paper Display library for Pycom MicroPython

This library is based on the original Waveshare library for Raspberry Pi, available here.

At the moment it supports 1.54" Waveshare two-color E-Paper Display only.


  • Drawing lines (horizontal, vertical and between two arbitrary points)
  • Drawing rectangles and circles, both regular and filled
  • Drawing images from raw data (list or bytes object)
  • Drawing images from BMP files (Windows-style 1-color bitmap)
  • Adjusting screen orientation
  • Power saving mode (~30uA)




The e-paper display uses 6 data lines for communication:

reset = Pin('P19')
dc = Pin('P20')
busy = Pin('P18')
cs = Pin('P4')
clk = Pin('P21')
mosi = Pin('P22')

epd = epd1in54b.EPD(reset, dc, busy, cs, clk, mosi)

Displaying data

Consult main.py for an example usage. In order to use fonts, copy them to epd/lib directory, or (recommended) freeze them in firmware. See this blog post for more info on how to do it.