A Qt-based C++ library for OAuth authorization scheme
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QOAuth is an attempt to support interaction with OAuth-powered network services
in a Qt way, i.e. simply, clearly and efficiently. It gives the application
developer no more than 4 methods, namely:

* requestToken() – to obtain an unauthorized Request Token,
* accessToken() – to exchange Request Token for the Access Token,
* createParametersString() – to construct a request according to OAuth
                             authorization scheme,
* inlineParemeters() - to construct a query string basing on given parameters
                       (provided only for convenience).

First two methods serve application authorization purposes, whilst the other two
are used for accessing Protected Resources. The complete documentation is
available locally.

QOAuth internally makes use of QCA (Qt Cryptographic Architecture). Here is the 
complete list of its dependencies:

1. Qt libraries 4.4 at least,
2. QCA (Qt Cryptographic Architecture), available from Delta XMPP Project
3. OpenSSL plugin to QCA, available from QCA homepage (this pulls in
  a dependency on OpenSSL of course).
Note: KDE users meet all the requirements out of the box.

  $ qmake
  $ make
  $ sudo make install

Add these two lines to your project:
* in project file:
  CONFIG += oauth
* in source code:
  #include <QtOAuth>
You can start using QOAuth.

report them to QOAuth's bug tracking system: