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Basic SQL Getting started with SQL Jun 11, 2018
SQL Aggregations Sharpening SQL skills with Aggregations Jun 14, 2018
SQL Data Cleaning Useful for Data Analysis Jun 16, 2018
SQL Joins First look at the real power of SQL Jun 12, 2018
SQL Subqueries and Temporary Tables Unleasing the power with Subqueries Jun 16, 2018
[Advanced] SQL Advanced Joins and Performance Tuning Great performance optimization tips Jun 18, 2018
[Advanced] SQL Window Functions No one told you this Jun 18, 2018
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parch_and_posey_db Toy database file Jun 14, 2018


This repository contains the quizzes along with their SQL commands for the concepts taught in the course SQL for Data Analysis by MODE at Udacity.

You can restore the toy dataset "parch and posey" to your local machines from the file parch_and_posey_db using the following steps:

  1. Create a new database - CREATE DATABASE parch_and_posey;
  2. Restore into the database - pg_restore -d parch_and_posey /path/to/parch_and_posey_db

Now, SQL commands can be used to explore the dataset and run queries on it.

Here is the schema of the database used for all the queries.

I have also included the screenshots from the videos for some important and useful concepts that may need revision in future.

For the remaining ones, please refer these SQL Tutorials (by MODE as well).

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