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Paste code from StackOverflow search result directly into Sublime Text 2/3

Based on howdoi.


  1. Install howdoi: pip install howdoi (!!!)
  2. Clone this repo into Packages directory [Sublime Text 2 menu >> Preferences >> Browse Packages...] git clone


  1. write what you need
  2. press cmd+shift+h (ctrl-shift-h on Linux/Windows)


Windows and Sublime Text 3 compatibility problems have been solved (thanks to @saaguero), now it should work on all platforms.


I can't install howdoi (last version) on Windows machines
  • Install lxml using easy_install lxml==2.3 or thru an already compiled version lxml
  • Use pip to install howdoi pip install howdoi

Problems or request to add some functionality?

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