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Example project for the Makefile explained in A Good Makefile for Go blog post.


Run following commands to try it out:

It should now be running at :7777 (defined in .env file). You can try making a change and see how the server will get recompiled and restarted automatically.


Run make help to list available commands:

  λ  make help

 Choose a command run in go-makefile-example:

  install   Install missing dependencies. Runs `go get` internally. e.g; make install get=github.com/foo/bar
  start     Start in development mode. Auto-starts when code changes.
  stop      Stop development mode.
  watch     Run given command when code changes. e.g; make watch run="echo 'hey'"
  compile   Compile the binary.
  exec      Run given command, wrapped with custom GOPATH. e.g; make exec run="go test ./..."
  clean     Clean build files. Runs `go clean` internally.