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Javascript module for outputting relative dates.
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Javascript module for outputting relative dates. Tested platforms: Node, Firefox 3.6, Chromium 8.0


npm install relative-date


On browsers:

<script src="relative-date.js"></script>
  assert( relativeDate(new Date()), 'just now' );
  assert( relativeDate(1299627946000), '12 minutes ago');
  assert( relativeDate(0), '41 years ago');

On a CommonJS compliant environment:

> var relativeDate = require('relative-date');
> relativeDate(new Date())
'just now'
> relativeDate(1299627946000)
'12 minutes ago'
> relativeDate(0)
'41 years ago'


node test/node.js || test/browser.html

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