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Important Notes:

Hi i've updated this api, if you're currently using this API please take a look at the new /v2 endpoint and consider using it since the original version is about to be terminated anytime soon. Thanks!


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Phone Specifications API

The data is based on gsmarena site

1. List Brands

[ENDPOINT] /brands

2. List Phones

[ENDPOINT] /brands/{brand_slug}

Query params

params desc required
page page of the data no

3. Phone Specifications

[ENDPOINT] /brands/{brand_slug}/{phone_slug}

4. Search

[ENDPOINT] /search
[GET] iPhone 12 pro max

Query params

params desc required
query search query yes

5. Latest

[ENDPOINT] /latest

6. Top By Interest

[ENDPOINT] /top-by-interest

7. Top By Fans

[ENDPOINT] /top-by-fans