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My fork of m4yer's "quassel backlog search" script.

Note: My rewritten version is on the rewrite branch!

Original source at

Installation (Linux/Mac/etc.)

At some point I'll create an archive version of this (.tar.gz, .zip, etc.), but for now you have to clone the repository using git and then use composer & bower to install the dependencies.

  1. Ensure that you have the required dependencies installed:
    • git
    • nodejs & npm: required for installing bower
      • NOTE: There's an oddity with Ubuntu/Debian whereby the node package is NOT node-js. Instead you should install nodejs-legacy and, assuming you have nothing else using the node package, uninstall it (or the node package's binary may take precedence over the nodejs-legacy package's binary) [ref].
    • composer: curl -sS | php then sudo mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer
    • bower: npm install -g bower
  2. cd to an empty/new directory, somewhere within your web root, where you want to install the app (or another alternative way of pointing your web server - Apache, etc. - at the app)
  3. git clone -b rewrite .
  4. composer install
  5. If the composer install command resulted in a bower error, run bower install manually.
  6. cp config{.sample,}.ini
  7. vim config.ini and edit it appropriately
  8. cp .htaccess{.dist,}
  9. vim .htaccess and edit it appropriately
  10. Common issues:
  • If you're running this from a subdirectory of your domain (e.g., instead of or you need to uncomment and edit the RewriteBase line in .htaccess.
  • You need to have .htaccess files enabled in your Apache config, which is done via the AllowOverride all directive, usually in your vhost configuration.


I'm currently only developing & testing this in Chrome ~37, with Quassel 0.10 (with the unofficial MySQL DB driver port) alongside PHP 5.4.29 and MySQL 5.5.32 on the back-end.

I do plan to support other browsers (recent versions of Firefox, at least IE10+ but maybe IE8 or IE9 as well) and, of course, the PostgreSQL and SQLite backends (though I can't begin to imagine how painfully slow SQLite would be...).

I make no promises regarding support for PHP versions prior to 5.4 or MySQL versions prior to 5.5. Both have been the recommended production versions for years, and PHP 5.3 is already out of support for even security patches(!), so if you're still running 5.3, stop it!


My fork of m4yer's "quassel backlog search" script



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