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Install Ubuntu

The repository and its related components have been tested under the following Ubuntu distributions:

  • ROS Kinetic: Ubuntu 16.04

If you do not have a Ubuntu distribution on your computer you can download it here

Git - Version Control

Install Git Software

Install the Git core components and some additional GUI's for the version control:

 sudo apt-get install git-core gitg gitk

Set Up Git

Now it's time to configure your settings. To do this you need to open a new Terminal. First you need to tell git your name, so that it can properly label the commits you make:

 git config --global "Your Name Here"

Git also saves your email address into the commits you make.

 git config --global ""

GIT Tutorial

If you have never worked with git before, we recommend to go through the following basic git tutorial:

ROS - Robot Operating System

Install ROS

The repository has been tested successfully with the following ROS distributions. Use the link behind a ROS distribution to get to the particular ROS installation instructions.

NOTE: Do not forget to update your .bashrc!

ROS Tutorials

If you have never worked with ROS before, we recommend to go through the beginner tutorials provided by ROS:

In order to understand at least the different core components of ROS, you have to start from tutorial 1 ("Installing and Configuring Your ROS Environment") till tutorial 7 ("Understanding ROS Services and Parameters").

Set up a catkin workspace

source /opt/ros/kinetic/setup.bash
mkdir -p ~/kinetic/src; cd ~/kinetic/src
catkin build

Clone and compile the MAS industrial robotics software

First of all you have to clone the repository.

cd ~/kinetic/src;
git clone

Then go on with installing further external dependencies:

cd ~/kinetic/src/mas_industrial_robotics

source ~/kinetic/devel/setup.bash

The last command should be added to the ~/.bashrc file so that they do not need to be executed everytime you open a new terminal.

And finally compile the repository:

cd ~/kinetic
catkin build

If no errors appear everything is ready to use. Great job!

Setting the Environment Variables

ROBOT variable

With the ROBOT variable you can choose which hardware configuration should be loaded when starting the robot. The following line will add the variable to your .bashrc:

 echo "export ROBOT=youbot-brsu-1" >> ~/.bashrc
 source ~/.bashrc

ROBOT_ENV Variable

The ROBOT_ENV variable can be used to switch between different environments. The following line will add the variable to your .bashrc:

Real robot

 echo "export ROBOT_ENV=brsu-c025" >> ~/.bashrc
 source ~/.bashrc


 echo "export ROBOT_ENV=brsu-c025-sim" >> ~/.bashrc
 source ~/.bashrc

Bring up the robot and it's basic components

In Simulation

 roslaunch mir_bringup_sim robot.launch

In a new terminal you can open the Gazebo GUI to see the environment and the robot

     rosrun gazebo_ros gzclient

At the Real Robot

 roslaunch mir_bringup robot.launch

Test the base

 roslaunch mir_teleop teleop_keyboard.launch

Visualize the robot state and sensor data

 rosrun rviz rviz

Build a map for base navigation

 roslaunch mir_2dslam 2dslam.launch

Use autonomous navigation

Omni-directional navigation

 roslaunch mir_2dnav 2dnav.launch nav_mode:=dwa

Click on the menu bar "File -> Open Config", navigate to "~/indigo/src/mas_industrial_robotics" and select the "youbot.rviz" file.

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