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Orchestra is a Robotic Process Automation system for orchestrating project teams of experts and machines. Projects can include everything from design teams working on a client's project to newsrooms bringing together reporters, photographers, and editors for a story. In Orchestra workflows, you can assign senior experts to review other experts in order to provide feedback and iteratively refine the work. Orchestra also brings machines and automation onto projects: a crawler can collect content from the web before an expert combs through it, or a classifier can filter out bad data so an analyst spends less time in the noise. New workflows can be added with some simple python glue and an html interface.

To learn more about Orchestra with some examples and a getting started guide, or to reach out to the Orchestra team, take a look at some of these resources:

About B12

B12 has open sourced Orchestra as part of our goal to build a brighter future of work.

We are a startup based in NYC that is passionate about improving how people do creative and analytical work. We have a strong team of engineers and designers who have worked extensively on systems that help people work productively online. We believe that the products and experiences we design should be considerate of their greater social context and impact.


Thank you to all of the experts who have completed work on early versions of Orchestra to get it where it is today.

A very special thank you to Robert Jördens for generously providing us with the orchestra package name on PyPi.