A site to create simple memorial galleries based off the google docs API
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What is this?

Remembers is based off a site created for Hurricane Hackers that pulled data from a google docs spreadsheet, and rendered it into a dynamic gallery/slate like page for remembering people that died in hurricane Sandy. Shortly thereafter it was adapted to allow anyone to easily create a memorial page

How does it work?

We pull data from the Google Docs JSON API to load rows of information about people based on a simple structure, from there we parse the data and return a rendered HTML page (thats also cached to lower load server side (and to keep within googles API limits))

Whats it built on?

Remembers is built off Python, Flask and Redis. It was designed to be extremely fast, simple and lightweight for easy deploys.

What can I do?

The css needs some work, and we can always use some bug testers ;)