A retro style arcade shooter inspired by Atari's 1979 classic "Asteroids", programmed entirely in C++ using Unreal Engine 4
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Note: Space Rocks is a work in progress!

Thanks for checking out my project! Space Rocks is a retro-style arcade space shooter inspired by Atari’s 1979 classic “Asteroids”, and created in Unreal Engine 4 as a personal project to learn more about the tools and workflows involved in programming in C++ using UE4.

If you're interested in trying Space Rocks, you can find a pre-compiled build here: http://adambadke.com/portfolio/space-rocks/

If you're interested in pulling this project to try it out, here are some instructions to get you going (Windows):

  1. Pull the full project from this repository

  2. Navigate into the project directory (eg. .../SpaceRocks/)

  3. Right click SpaceRocks.uproject and select "Generate Visual Studio project files"

  4. Open the Epic Launcher and launch the Unreal editor

  5. From the project selector screen, click "Browse" and open the "SpaceRocks.uproject" file (the same one from step 3)

  6. Unreal may prompt you to rebuild the game's binaries. Let it do its thing.

-> The editor should open, and you should be able to check out the project.

Have fun!

For more info, drop me an email at "adambadke at gmail dot com", or check out more of my work at adambadke.com