Treehouse Techdegree Project #1 - Random Quote Generator
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Treehouse Techdegree Project #1 - Random Quote Generator

Project Requirements

Create an array of JS objects to hold the data for the quotes.

Each quote should have the following properties:

  • A quote property which contains a string: the text of the quote to display on the page.
  • A source property which contains a string identifying the creator of the quote.
  • An optional citation property which contains a string identifying the publication the quote appears in.
  • An optional year property which contains a number identifying the date of the quote.

Create a function named getRandomQuote which:

  • selects a random quote object from the quotes array
  • returns the randomly selected quote objects

Create a function named printQuote which follows these rules:

  • printQuote calls the getRandomQuote function and stores the returned quote object in a variable.
  • printQuote constructs a string using the different properties of the quote object using the following HTML template:
<p class="quote"> [quote here] </p>
<p class="source"> [source here]
  <span class="citation"> [citation here] </span>
  <span class="year"> [year here] </span>
  • printQuote doesn't add a <span class="citation"> for a missing citation or a <span class="year"> if the year property is missing.
  • printQuote displays the final HTML string to the page. You can use the following JS snippet to accomplish that: document.getElementById('quote-box').innerHTML

Extra Credit

  • Add more properties to the quote object. For example, a tags property could include a list of "tags" like -- "humor", "business", "politics" -- to categorize each quote.
  • Randomly change the background color of the page, when the quote changes
  • Don't display a random quote more than once until ALL quotes from the array have been displayed.
  • Refresh the quote after a set amount of time. For example, every 30 seconds, make a new quote appear. (You can use the setInterval() or setTimeout() method to do this -- see the links in the Project Resources listing.)

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