Make the iOS lockscreen proper with blurred album artwork!
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Give the iOS lockscreen a little more character with blurred album artwork!

Spectral Preview

How do I compile?

I used Theos for this. You'll need to install them and setup the appropriate environment variables etc as well as configuring. Info on that here.

ARM64 support is enabled by default and if you need help setting that up check here.

If you edit the Makefile you can specify your iOS device's ip and such to build and run using make package install. Otherwise you can simply make package to generate a .deb file and install that by any means.


Totally free! If you'd like to support my continuation of this project (and others!), feel free to donate! It'd be much appreciated :D


Pretty much the BSD license, just don't repackage it and call it your own please!

Also if you do make some changes, feel free to make a pull request and help make things more awesome!

Contact Info?

Feel free to follow me on twitter: @b3ll!
Though I don't really like to handle support requests there...

Special Thanks

@Surenix for the icon! :D

me :P