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" Vim syntax file
" Maintainer: Thilo Six
" Contact: <vim-dev at vim dot org>
" Description: display directory content inside Vim with syntax
" highlighting
" File: runtime/syntax/dirpager.vim
" Last Change: 2012 May 19
" Modeline: vim: ts=8:sw=2:sts=2:
" Credits: dirpager.vim is derived from Nikolai Weibulls dircolors.vim
" License: VIM License
" Vim is Charityware, see ":help Uganda"
" Usage: $ ls -la | view -c "set ft=dirpager" -
",----[ ls(1posix) ]--------------------------------------------------
" The <entry type> character shall describe the type of file, as
" follows:
" d Directory.
" b Block special file.
" c Character special file.
" l (ell) Symbolic link.
" p FIFO.
" - Regular file.
if exists("b:current_syntax") || &compatible
setlocal nowrap
syn keyword DirPagerTodo contained FIXME TODO XXX NOTE
syn region DirPagerExe start='^...x\|^......x\|^.........x' end='$' contains=DirPagerTodo,@Spell
syn region DirPagerDir start='^d' end='$' contains=DirPagerTodo,@Spell
syn region DirPagerLink start='^l' end='$' contains=DirPagerTodo,@Spell
syn region DirPagerSpecial start='^b' end='$' contains=DirPagerTodo,@Spell
syn region DirPagerSpecial start='^c' end='$' contains=DirPagerTodo,@Spell
syn region DirPagerFifo start='^p' end='$' contains=DirPagerTodo,@Spell
hi def link DirPagerTodo Todo
hi def DirPagerExe ctermfg=Green guifg=Green
hi def DirPagerDir ctermfg=Blue guifg=Blue
hi def DirPagerLink ctermfg=Cyan guifg=Cyan
hi def DirPagerSpecial ctermfg=Yellow guifg=Yellow
hi def DirPagerFifo ctermfg=Brown guifg=Brown
let b:current_syntax = "dirpager"
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