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README_extra.txt for version 7.4 of Vim: Vi IMproved.
These extra files of Vim are for special purposes. This README explains what
the files are for. For general information about Vim, see the "README.txt"
farsi/* Files for the Farsi (persian) language. If you don't
know what Farsi is, this is not for you.
src/if_sniff.* Interface to SNiFF. If you don't know what SNiFF is,
this is not for you.
src/os_amiga.* Files for the Amiga port.
src/os_beos.* Files for the BeOS port.
src/os_dos.* Files for the MS-DOS port.
src/gui_mac.* Carbon GUI (not used)
src/os_mac* Shared files for the different Mac ports.
src/MacVim/* Files for the MacVim port.
src/os_mint.8 Files for the Atari Mint port.
src/os_os2* Files for the OS/2 port.
src/tee/* Extra program for OS/2.
src/os_vms* Files for the VMS port.
src/os_win32.* Files for the Win32 port.
src/gui_w32.* Files for the Win32 GUI.
src/gui_w48.* Files for the Win32 and Win16 GUI.
src/Make_mvc.mak MS Visual C++ makefile for the Win32 GUI.
runtime/rgb.txt File with color definitions for the Win32 GUI.
src/if_ole.* OLE automation interface, for MS Windows 95 and NT.
src/VisVim/* Integration of Win32 GUI with MS Visual Developer
src/GvimExt/* DLL for the "Edit with Vim" context menu entry
nsis/* NSIS script to build the self-installing MS-Windows exe
runtime/doc/*.man Preprocessed manual pages.
runtime/macros/file_select.vim Vim script to browse directories (Unix only).