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README_mac.txt for version 7.4 of Vim: Vi IMproved.
This file explains the installation of MacVim.
See "README.txt" for general information about Vim.
See "src/MacVim/README" for an overview of the MacVim specific source code.
MacVim uses the usual configure/make steps to build the binary but instead of
"make install" you just drag the app bundle into the directory you wish to
install in (usually `/Applications').
How to build and install
Run `./configure` in the `src/` directory with the flags you want (call
`./configure --help` to see a list of flags) e.g.:
$ cd src
$ ./configure --with-features=huge \
--enable-rubyinterp \
--enable-pythoninterp \
--enable-perlinterp \
Now build the project using `make`:
$ make
The resulting app bundle will reside under `MacVim/build/Release`. To try it
out quickly, type:
$ open MacVim/build/Release/
To install MacVim, type
$ open MacVim/build/Release
and drag the MacVim icon into your `Applications` folder.