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Babel Plugins

A collection of plugins for Babel Obfuscator. Babel Obfuscator is an obuscator for .NET Framework and Mono developed by babelfor.NET

Babel Obfuscator

Projects and source code are available at GitHub

Babel Plugins

DesEncrypt Plugin

The DesEncrypt plugin use .NET Framework Triple DES encryption algorithm to encrypt strings and values. The decryption code injected is inside the Code folder and is retrived from managed resources to be compiled and merged into the target assembly before the obfuscation starts.


babel.exe app.exe --plugin DesEncrypt.dll --string custom --values

ResPacker Plugin

The ResPacker plugin can be used to compress resource streams that are retrieved calling the GetManifestResourceStream method. The compressed resouce is decompressed at runtime by replacing the call to GetManifestResourceStream with a call to decompression code.


babel.exe app.exe --plugin ResPacker.dll 

UnreadableNames Plugin

The UnreadableNames plugin show how to implement a simple renaming service. The service generates unique names varing randomly the characted case of a fixed-lenght name.


babel.exe app.exe --plugin UnreadableNames.dll [--argument namelength=value] [--argument prefixlength=value] [--argument alphabet=string]

The resulting names, are quite difficult to interpret because they are all similar to each other. Example:


AntiDebug Plugin

This plugin adds anti-debugging code that preriodically checks if the process is running in a debugger. In case a debugger is detected, the process is terminated.


babel.exe app.exe --plugin AntiDebug.dll

IncrementalRenaming Plugin

The Incremental renaming plugin allows you to maintain a naming scheme for a given assembly using the generated mapping file for that assembly. Incremental renaming is desiderable when you have a set of dependent assemblies which have their public interface obfuscated and you want to redistribute one of these these assemblies because it has been modified.


babel.exe app.exe --plugin IncrementalRenaming.dll --argument mapfile=filepath

LicenseInjector Plugin

This simple plugin will allow you to add Babel Licensing license validation check on an existing WinForm application. The plugin uses a message box to show an error when the license validation not passes.

You can add your own message box and customize the validation logic by changing the LicenseFileCheckWinForm.cs class.

Note: This plugin needs the Babel.Licensing.dll assembly to work. The DEMO version of Babel Licensing will not allow you to remove the dependency from Babel.Licensing.dll and all the license generated will be trial licenses. With the retail version you can merge Babel.Licensing.dll into the main application and generate fully functional licenses.


babel.exe app.exe --plugin LicenseInjector.dll