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Google Apps Password Sync for Samba4

Reads from your Samba4 AD and updates passwords in Google Apps Note that this solution requires you to enable "password hash userPassword schemes = CryptSHA256 CryptSHA512" in smb.conf

Python Dependencies

  • daemon
  • gdata
  • hashlib
  • syslog
  • samba
  • google api python client

Google API must be installed with pip: pip install --upgrade google-api-python-client

Install notes

  1. Install python-pip and python-openssl
  2. Create a project in Google API Console and add Admin SDK permission (read/write)
  3. Create a JSON Config for your project in Google Developer Console
  4. Install the JSON config to your samba machine in /etc/gaps/service.json (create the folder if missing)
  5. Copy and to desired locations.
  6. Copy gaps.conf to /etc/gaps/gaps.conf and configure it
  7. Run in cron or at startup from rc.local, or both (if you wan't to schedule a restart). Change your settings in to fit your setup.
  8. Change syslog to desired local and add it to your syslog config for custom log file
  9. Start the daemon and watch log file for updates


If the daemon don't start change /dev/null to /dev/tty in and watch for error messages.

Migration from old Google Provision API to new Google Admin SDK

  1. Install python-pip
  2. Create a project in Google Developer Console and ad Admin SDK permission
  3. Create a JSON config for you project in Google Developer Console
  4. Download the json config from the Google Developer Console to your samba machine
  5. pip install --upgrade google-api-python-client
  6. Copy your settings from your local version of to the new config file /etc/gaps/gaps.conf (create the fold if missing)
  7. Replace with the new one


Google Apps Password Sync for Samba4






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