Frequently Asked Questions

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Why i got incorrect time shown on top dock?

Change date timezone value on index.php.

Is my modem/phone supported?

This is gammu issue. Please check gammu phone database.
If you can't find your phone, try to report it on the gammu mailing list.

What about performance, how much SMS kalkun can handle?

This is gammu issue. I think it's depend on your resource (GSM network, phone, configuration, etc).

How do i know my smsd is working?

On top dock, you can see "Status". If your smsd is down, it will shown in red text. Note: notification area is auto-refresh, you don't need refresh it manually.

Where can I find the gammu database schema?

Depends on how you installed gammu:

  • If you compiled it yourself it should be in gammu/docs/sql/
  • Debian hides it in /usr/share/doc/gammu/examples/sql/