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@jenlampton jenlampton released this 16 May 02:44
· 2 commits to 1.x since this release

The Backdrop community is proud to release Backdrop CMS version 1.28.0!

This release includes several major new features, including a new icon system that bundles the Phosphor Icon Collection, in both "regular" and "filled" variants. The new icon system is used in the admin bar, dashboard, and admin landing pages. The new icons will start being used throughout core in the next few minor releases. They're also available for contrib developers and themers to use through the new Icon API (see the documentation for Icon API here).

Uploading SVG images is now supported directly in image field uploads. SVGs also are integrated into the image library and image style systems. Note that if you have previously used the SVG Image module, this module can now be removed as core provides equivalent functionality.

For sites that run on specialized hosting platforms (such as Pantheon, Acquia, or AWS), Backdrop 1.28.0 now allows your site to store configuration in the database instead of on the file system. This may be beneficial on systems where the file system is not as fast or reliable as database access. It also may help work with existing tools for creating backups, as the configuration will be backed up as part of the database instead of needing to be backed-up separately. Initial benchmarking has indicated database configuration is slightly slower than hosting configuration on a local SSD. Performance will vary based on your hosting configuration.

Notes for updating

  • It will be necessary to run the update script (located at /core/update.php) for this release.
  • No changes have been made to the .htaccess or robots.txt files. Updating customized versions of those files is not necessary.
  • This release does modify the settings.php file located outside the core directory. Updating your customized copy of this file is optional. If you would like to update your copy of settings.php to include the new documentation on using different config storage systems, copy the new section on Configuration Storage from the latest version to your copy.

New features

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Install fails when using the dynamic config folder paths. #6499
  • Fixed: Prevent the last item from showing up twice in the new Debug Report. #6514
  • Fixed: Polish admin bar display now that it's using SVGs. #6488
  • Fixed: Add an icon to the language switcher in the admin bar. #6503
  • Fixed: Remove the default icon from the admin bar alert dot. #6501

Miscellaneous changes

  • Add permission for managing files to the Editor role by default. #4961
  • Restore theme_node_preview() for theming and compatibility #6129
  • Upload Simpletest Results as an Artifact in GHA #6458