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Yet Another jQuery Carousel / Slider Thingy. Responsive and with touch support. Extensive options like adapting the height based on currently visible items.
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Yet Another jQuery Carousel / Slider Thingy

It's better than all the others, of course:

  • Responsive resizing on window resize (debounced, don't worry), height adapts to content
  • Swipe-enabled for touch devices
  • Accessible navigation elements (use your keyboard)
  • Circular mode without cloning elements (they are shifted around instead)
  • Special features like:
    • Adapt the height based on currently visible slides: Example
    • Add spacing between slides ("gutter"): Example
    • Have multiple visible slides with "grouped handles": Example
    • Sync multiple carousels: Example

Is uses Mark Dalgleish's «Highly Configurable jQuery Plugins» pattern.

Tested on: IE 7-10, iOS 7, current versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari. It is highly likely to be working on older versions, too.

Word of caution: If you don't need the features listed above, this plugin might be overkill and something like Swipe might serve you better.

How to use


Basic markup (the node type doesn't matter, the elements are identified by class name):

<div class="carousel" id="carousel">
    <div class="carousel-frame">
        <ul class="carousel-slider">
            <li class="carousel-slide">1</li>
            <li class="carousel-slide">2</li>
            <li class="carousel-slide">3</li>

    <!-- Note: this is where navigational elements will be inserted if specified -->
  • Include some basic styling (see jquery.carousel.css)
  • Include jQuery (>= 1.8) and the script
  • Initialize carousel:


var carousel = new Carousel($('#carousel'), options);


  • init(options): Add DOM elements and initialize carousel
  • enable: Bind events for navigation, start autoplay if set
  • disable: Unbind events for navigation stop autoplay
  • resize: Resize elements based on available width and their content
  • goTo(index, skipAnimation)
  • next
  • prev
  • update(options): Override current options and update carousel accordingly
  • destroy: Remove added DOM elements, unbind events

Default options

Warning: Some options were moved in version 1.2.

    domSelectors: {
        frame: '.' + namespace + '-frame',
        slider: '.' + namespace + '-slider',
        slides: '.' + namespace + '-slide'
    templates: {
        navContainer: '<div class="' + namespace + '-navs" aria-hidden="true" role="presentation" />',
        navItemPrev: '<button class="' + namespace + '-nav" role="presentation">Show previous slide</button>',
        navItemNext: '<button class="' + namespace + '-nav" role="presentation">Show next slide</button>',
        counter: '<div class="' + namespace + '-counter" aria-hidden="true" role="presentation">%current% of %total%</div>',
        handleContainer: '<div class="' + namespace + '-handles" aria-hidden="true" role="presentation" />',
        handleItem: '<button class="' + namespace + '-handle" role="presentation">Slide %index%</div>'
    stateClasses: {
        isInitialized: 'is-initialized',
        isEnabled: 'is-enabled',
        isDisabled: 'is-disabled',
        isActive: 'is-active'
    animation: {
        duration: 300, // milliseconds
        step: 1, // number of slides per animation (might be lower than number of visible slides)
        easing: 'ease-in-out'
    behavior: {
        circular: false, // go to first slide after last one
        autoplay: 0, // auto-advance interval (0: no autoplay)
        pauseAutoplayOnHover: true,
        keyboardNav: true // enable arrow and [p][n] keys for prev / next actions
    layout: {
        horizontal: true, // set to false for vertical slider
        groupedHandles: true, // combine handles to group if visibleSlides > 1 (e.g. "1-3", "4-6", "7")
        fixedHeight: true, // set height based on highest slide
        responsive: true, // whether to update the dimensions on window resize (debounced)
        visibleSlides: 1, // how many slides to fit within visible area (0: calculate based on initial width)
        gutter: 0 // spacing between slides
    elements: { // which navigational elements to show
        prevNext: true, // buttons for previous / next slide
        handles: true, // button for each slide showing its index
        counter: true // "Slide x of y"
    events: { // custom callbacks
        start: false, // function(targetDomIndex, targetSlideIndex) { … }
        stop: false // function(targetDomIndex, targetSlideIndex) { … }
    initialSlide: 0, // which slide to show on init
    touch: { // whether to enable touch support and which criteria to use for swipe movement
        enabled: true,
        thresholds: {
            speed: 0.4, // multiplied by width of slider per second
            distance: 0.3 // multiplied by width of slider
    $syncedCarousels: null // jQuery collection of carousel elements to sync with
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