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Fabrecipes it's samples of Fabric and Fabtools scrips. In the future, the script will offer a auto install package. For example, Archlinux autoinstallation or a Emacs with autoconfigured plugins.


git clone
cd fabrecipes
mkvirtualenv --no-site-packages -p /usr/bin/python2.7 fabtools
pip install -r requirements.txt
add2virtualenv YOUDIRECTORY_PROJECT/fabrecipes


Example, you would like install automatically a new Archlinux.

Prepare SSH connexion from ISO install

$ loadkeys fr
$ passwd
$ systemctl start sshd
$ ip addr # show IP ISO install

and from another PC execute this two lines

$ cd fabrecipes/archlinux/autoinstall
$ fab -H root@hostname  computer.virtualbox autoinstall.install
[ ..  reboot your system ]
$ fab -H root@hostname computer.virtualbox autoinstall.configure
$ fab -H username@hostname autoinstall.env_xorg_xfce_i3
$ fab -H username@hostname autoinstall.env_xorg_misc

Configure: For preventive, in your first installation on your computer, you can execute fab -H username@hostname archlinux.autoinstall.env_xorg instead of fab -H username@hostname archlinux.autoinstall.env_xorg_xfce_i3. This you permit fix X Windows problem (driver, screen resolution). after you have fixed and uploaded fix in your dotfiles direcctory, you will can in future, call fab -H username@hostname archlinux.autoinstall.env_xorg_xfce_i3

And if in the next day, if you would like again synchronize your dotfiles, just execute

$ fab -H username@hostname computer.virtualbox autoinstall.sync_dotfiles:env_xorg_xfce_i3

A summaries command list

$ fab -l                                                                                                                                                                                                                  !10019
Available commands:

    capabilities                                Test capabilities functions in new distrition
    archlinux.autoinstall.configure             Configure archlinux fresh installation
    archlinux.autoinstall.env_base              Install base system
    archlinux.autoinstall.env_base_requirement  Install requirement base system
    archlinux.autoinstall.env_xorg              Install base Xorg system
    archlinux.autoinstall.env_xorg_misc         Full Xorg installation
    archlinux.autoinstall.env_xorg_xfce_i3      Install Xorg Xfce + I3 feature
    archlinux.autoinstall.install               Install archlinux in a new computer
    archlinux.autoinstall.sync_dotfiles         Synchronize the computer configuration from a dotfiles project
    archlinux.emacs.install_p2k                 Install emacs with some features in python 2.7 environement
    archlinux.pelican.install                   Install a pelican in python2 virtualenv
    archlinux.rstblog.install                   Install a rstblog in python2 virtualenv
    archlinux.virtualbox.install                Install virtualbox and use dkms virtual host modules                      Install wine with customization
    archlinux.zfs.bk_replicates                 Replicate snapshot to another pool (default: BACKUP)
    archlinux.zfs.bk_snaprep                    Make a snapshots and replicates in the same time
    archlinux.zfs.bk_snapshots                  Create a today snapshot for the pool (default: LIVE)
    archlinux.zfs.init_crypted_zfs              Prepare a crypted ZFS disk
    archlinux.zfs.install                       Install zfs system (kernel + utils) from archzfs (demizerone repository)
    buildroot.bestsets.install                  Install bestset script from open-console
    computer.acer_inspireone                    Acer Aspire One netbook
    computer.dell_latitude                      Dell Latitude
    computer.hp_pavilion_g7                     HP Pavilion g7 Notebook PC
    computer.jsl_acer_inspireone_fix            Fix for Acer Aspire One netbook
    computer.lenovo450                          Lenovo 450s netbook
    computer.samsungn150                        Samsung n150 netbook
    computer.vaio_vgn_ns21s                     Sony Vaio VGN-NS21S netbook
    computer.virtualbox                         Sample computer configuration
    debian.docker.install                       Before use it, must do
    debian.docker.require_docker                Install a docker core
    debian.graphite.install                     Install graphite stack                 Add a flask webserver                 Add a virtual webserver                      Prepare nginx hosting server
    debian.proxmox.recreate_pvedata             Recreate the pve-data with the defined size
    debian.seafile.install                      Seafile installation from the official documentation
    ubuntu.salt.master                          Install salt-master

For more informations about archlinux auto installation see


A recipes for Fabric & Fabtools



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