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Making cool event badges since SHA2017

We're a constantly changing group of volunteers that aims to take creating event badges to the next level!

More information about the badges can be found on our website

Are you interested in helping out, part of an event badge team looking for some help or just curious? Join our Telegram group or Discord channel.

Alternatively, if you've found a problem, need some help or want to get in contact with us you can also open a ticket in the feedback repository.


  1. mch2022-project mch2022-project Public

    Overview of the MCH2022 Badge project


  2. website website Public

    The website

    HTML 3 16

  3. mch2022-firmware-esp32 mch2022-firmware-esp32 Public

    ESP32 launcher firmware for the MCH2022 badge

    C 13 8

  4. mch2022-template-app mch2022-template-app Public template

    A simple helloworld app to build other apps on.

    C 9 13

  5. mch2022-webusb-lib mch2022-webusb-lib Public

    Client library on top of WebUSB to communicate with the MCH2022 badge

    TypeScript 2

  6. Hatchery Hatchery Public hatchery micropython app repository

    PHP 10 15


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