Coil is a minimalistic static content engine written in elixir
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Coil is a minimalistic static content engine written in elixir.


You must have the latest stable version of elixir installed, v0.12.5 as of the writing of this.


Clone the repo, fetch dependencies and compile:

git clone
cd coil && mix do deps.get, compile

Bootstrap a sample coil blog:

mix coil ../blog
cd ../blog && mix deps.get

Apply your configuration:

$EDITOR config.yml


Add an article: mix post.

Run (on port 8080): PORT=8080 mix run --no-halt.

Deploy to Heroku:

heroku create --buildpack ""
git push heroku master


If you have a mix.exs file requiring the coil lib properly, like this one, you have only to follow the structure below to get it working:

|-- articles
|   `--
|-- assets
|   `-- example.css
|-- config.yml
|-- mix.exs
|-- pages
|   `--
`-- templates
    |-- archives.html.eex
    |-- article.html.eex
    |-- index.html.eex
    |-- index.xml.eex
    |-- layout.html.eex
    `-- page.html.eex


  • Index: /
  • Page: /title
  • Resource: /assets/example.css
  • Article: /articles/YYYY-mm-dd-article-title
  • RSS feed: /feed
  • Archives: /archives


Templates are embedded elixir files (see the EEx docs), and can be customized to suit your design:

  • layout.html.eex The template in which all other templates are embedded
  • index.html.eex Renders the home page
  • article.html.eex Renders the article page
  • page.html.eex Renders the page page
  • archives.html.eex Renders the archives page
  • index.xml.eex Renders the rss feed


The MIT License, see LICENSE