flatpak-builder recipies to build corebird


Corebird Flatpak

This is a flatpak-builder definition file to build both corebird master and current stable branches.

Due to corebird opening a browser whenever a link is clicked, as well as when setting up an account, you need to have xdg-desktop-portal as well as one implementation for it (currently there is only xdg-desktop-portal-gtk as far as I know) installed.

Get Flatpak using these instructions

First, add the remote for the GNOME Runtime, if you don't have it:

flatpak remote-add --from gnome https://sdk.gnome.org/gnome.flatpakrepo

Then, create the repository:

flatpak remote-add --from baedert https://raw.githubusercontent.com/baedert/corebird-flatpak/master/baedert.flatpakrepo

or manually:

wget https://baedert.org/repo/baedert-repo.gpg
flatpak remote-add baedert --gpg-import=baedert-repo.gpg https://baedert.org/repo

Now you can install corebird from the repo:

# for the current stable version
flatpak install baedert org.baedert.corebird stable

# for the lastest unstable version
flatpak install baedert org.baedert.corebird master

... and run it:

flatpak run org.baedert.corebird