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Typescript to plantuml
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Typescript to UML (PlantUML)

Will convert a Typescript file to UML diagram. Following all inheritances.



npm install --global tplant

Generate image file (svg or png)

tplant --input test/Playground/**/*.ts --output test/Playground/Playground.svg
tplant --input test/Playground/Classes/Greeter.ts --output test/Playground/Classes/Greeter.png

Internet connection is required

Generate puml file

tplant --input test/Playground/**/*.ts --output test/Playground/Playground.puml
tplant --input test/Playground/Classes/Greeter.ts --output test/Playground/Classes/Greeter.puml


-i, --input

Define the path of the Typescript file

-o, --output

Define the path of the output file. If not defined, it'll output on the STDOUT

-p, --project

Compile a project given a valid configuration file.
The argument can be a file path to a valid JSON configuration file, or a directory path to a directory containing a tsconfig.json file.

-C, --compositions

Create not heritage compositions.
class Wheel {
    public size: number;
class Car {
    public wheel: Wheel;
class Wheel {
    +size: number
class Car {
    +wheel: Wheel
Car *-- Wheel

-I, --only-interfaces

Only convert interfaces


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