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A simple terminal emulator
C++ Makefile Shell
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A simple Linux/X11 VT220 terminal emulator featuring:

  • reflowed unicode text

  • enormous (millions of lines) history support and deduplication

  • client-server mode (optional)

  • user-defined key-bindings

  • 24-bit color

  • lean and mean implementation


Obtain the terminol source code, either by downloading and unpacking a package file, or by cloning the repository:

git clone
cd terminol

Build terminol (this requires pcre, xkbcommon, xcb, pango, cairo and a C++11 compiler):

# Establish a debug/GCC build directory (run 'configure' without any arguments
# to see other options):
./configure ../terminol-debug-gnu debug gnu
cd ../terminol-debug-gnu

Create a configuration file (see doc/sample-config). At the bare minimum you need to specify the font:

mkdir -p ~/.config/terminol
cat << EOF > ~/.config/terminol/config
set font-name "Meslo LG M"
set font-size 14

Launch terminol:

# Launch a standalone window:

# or launch the server/daemon:

# and start windows with:

Install terminol:

# This will copy the terminol binaries into ${INSTALLDIR}/bin:
make INSTALLDIR=/usr/local install

Upcoming Features

  • highlighting and actions for user defined (regex) patterns

  • reverse search

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