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TBD = To be decided

Status Version Release date Detail
βœ” v0.10 2017-08-18 Initial release
βœ” v0.11 2017-09-13 Add hooks for struts
βœ” v0.12 2017-09-14 Add hooks for reflected calls
βœ” v0.13 2017-09-22 More detailed Javascript plugin logs
βœ” v0.20 2017-10-26 Performance and algorithm enhancements
βœ” v0.21 2017-12-06 Advanced database security support
βœ” v0.22 2018-01-17 Native plugin support and SSRF detections
βœ” v0.23 2018-01-23 Removed hooks for reflected calls
βœ” v0.24 2018-02-02 Add support of JBoss 4.0.X
βœ” v0.30 2018-04-27 Add support of PHP 5.3-5.6
βœ” v0.31 2018-05-22 Add support of Resin server
βœ” v0.40 2018-07-25 Add support of PHP 7.X
βœ” v0.41 2018-09-17 More security baseline for JBoss
βœ” v0.42 2018-09-26 Fix locked ParameterMap error in Tomcat
βœ” v0.50 2018-10-29 Add support of IBM Websphere
βœ” v1.0.0 RC1 2019-01-04 Add a web control panel and basic management APIs
βœ” 1.0 Final 2019-04-12 Weblogic/PHP 7.3/JBoss 6-8/Undertow support
βœ” 1.1 2019-06-06 Upgrade V8, reduce PHP worker memory usage
πŸš€ 1.2 TBD "Simplified" DevSecOps solution


Status Language Release date
βœ” Java 2017-08-18
βœ” PHP 5.X 2018-04-27
βœ” PHP 7.X 2018-07-25
- NodeJS TBD
- Python TBD
πŸš€ Golang Under development
- Ruby TBD
- DotNet TBD
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