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IPCAM2SYPHON is a bridge program that converts presents multiple IPCam video streams. coming from as Syphon textures.

Example IP cameras include Axis IP Cameras and many inexpensive cameras found on the web. Ultimately, it is compatible with any IP camera that can provide an mjpeg video stream.

Syphon is currently only compatible with OS X and clients are available for large number of applications and development environments ranging from Processing to Max to openFrameworks.

#Basic Usage

The easiest way to get started is to download the latest executable and unzip it to your desired location. Make sure that the bin/ directory is next to the app. The bin/ directory where the program finds your configuration files.

You will find several test configuration files ending with .xml. IPCAM2SYPHON will open streams.xml.

Once you open up your streams, you can connect to them using the Syphon client of your choice.

For optimal speed, you can disable previews on the IPCAM2SYPHON app. Key controls include:

  • Arrow keys select a video source
  • (spacebar) toggles preview on the selected video source
  • '[' disables all previews
  • ']' enables all previews
  • 'E' toggles screen rendering
  • 's' toggles stream statistics

If you encounter problems, use /Applications/Utilities/ to check the log files. You will likely get some hints there. Otherwise, please feel free to post an issue to this repository.


See license.txt for details.


IPCAM2SYPHON is built with openFrameworks. To build from source on OS X, you will need the following:


An bridge that converts multiple IPCam video streams to Syphon textures.







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