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Meteor DevTools Extension

Meteor Dev Tools Chrome Extension

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Meteor Devtools (MD) is an extension for Chrome Developer Tools that makes the process of developing Meteor apps even more enjoyable. It also allows you to look under the hood of existing applications and learn how they are built. MD includes a plugin framework and currrently comes with 3 plugins: DDP Monitor, Blaze Inspector and MiniMongo Explorer. You can install it from Chrome Web Store.


Running local dev server

npm start

Running tests while developing (with reload)

npm test -- --watch

Building chrome extension for local testing (result in ./chrome)

npm run chrome

Building chrome extension for production (result in ./chrome)

npm run chrome:build


Meteor Devtools Extension is made by Meteor loving folks at The Bakery. Blaze Inspector is inspired by React Devtools and uses Element highlighter from that project.