BDD testing of pippo demo with Cucumber and Serenity
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BDD testing - Cucumber and Serenity setup running on docker containers

BDD testing of pippo demo angular-crud-app with Cucumber and Serenity

Sources for the blog posts Using docker for orchestrating a reusable BDD web testing setup with Selenium grid - Part I and BDD web testing setup - Docker, Cucumber and Serenity - Part II


$ git clone
  • Create the docker images locally There is a one time run of
$ ./

which will create the docker images locally. Normally you'd have them pushed to a repository, but I wanted to show there are no "hidden tricks", or you can use them as example to build your own. So instead we use the script to build locally the required images.

Code run

To run the bdd tests anytime just do

$ ./

which basically does docker-compose run uitests mvn clean verify

This would execute the Cucumber tests and produce the Serenity reports which can be accessed at ./target/site/index.html

BDD preview

We included pippo-demo.war -the application we run our tests against- on the repo to have a single command to run the job. Normally you'd have it provided by another build job that would trigger the testing job.