MySQL adapter for Sails.js/Waterline
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Sails-MySQL Adapter Powered by MySQL

MySQL adapter for the Sails framework and Waterline ORM. Allows you to use MySQL via your models to store and retrieve data. Also provides a query() method for a direct interface to execute raw SQL commands.


Install from NPM.

# In your app:
$ npm install sails-mysql


If you have further questions or are having trouble, click here.

Bugs   NPM version

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Please observe the guidelines and conventions laid out in the Sails project contribution guide when opening issues or submitting pull requests.


Running the tests

To run the tests, point this adapter at your database by specifying a connection URL and run npm test:

WATERLINE_ADAPTER_TESTS_URL=mysql://root:myc00lP4ssw0rD@localhost/adapter_tests npm test

For more info, see Reference > Configuration > sails.config.datastores > The connection URL, or ask for help.


This adapter, like the Sails framework is free and open-source under the MIT License.