This project has been abandoned. Please refer to for WebKit bindings.
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Haskell WebKit
Please note: Our WebKitGTK+ bindings are deprecated. You should use the bindings
provided by gtk2hs (currently available only via darcs):

    darcs get

For future information have a look at:

This file and the whole repository will remain for a while but might be removed
in the future.

Old Readme
Haskell WebKit provides lowlevel bindings to WebKitGTK+ (

We provide a cabal file for easy installation.

Haskell WebKit depends on:

1. libwebkit >= 1.1.22 (recommended is current version from development branch)
2. libsoup >= 2.28.2
3. gtk2hs >= 0.10.1 
4. ghc >= 6.12 (don't know if it builds any longer with 6.10)
5. c2hs >= 0.16.0 (with patches for GHC 6.12 - e.g.:
6. haddock >= 2.4.2 (required only to build documentation)
7. cabal >= 1.6

Build Haskell WebKit as follows (give --user option to configure, if you want to
install Haskell WebKit as a user package):
    runhaskell Setup.hs configure
    runhaskell Setup.hs build

Install Haskell WebKit by typing:
    runhaskell Setup.hs install

Documentation is pretty much copy & paste from the WebKitGTK+ manual with a few
adjustments. Since documenting is still work in progress we recommend to have
a look at for the missing parts.
The bindings are pretty much the same way to use as the C libraries. Also refer
to the gtk2hs docs at as Haskell WebKit
won't be very usefull without it.

We have ported a few small parts of libsoup for now. Hopefully the bindings will
grow and become more usefull. For the moment refer to libsoup's documentation at

To build the docs available with Haskell WebKit simply type
    runhaskell Setup.hs configure
    runhaskell Setup.hs haddock

The build docs can be found in dist/doc/html/webkit/index.html.

Haskell WebKit is provided under the terms of LGPL. The complete license text is
provided in LICENSE.