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Bale bot python samples

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Python samples for Bale messenger.


This Samples are in five parts:

  • simple_hear
  • text_conversion
  • photo_voice_conversion
  • document_conversion
  • purchase_conversion

The functions return the full JSON body of the actual API call to Bale.

Register for an Access Token

You'll need to create your bot by @Bot_Father, Bot_Father, give you a Token.


pip install -r requirements.txt


import asyncio

from balebot.filters import *
from balebot.handlers import MessageHandler, CommandHandler
from balebot.models.messages import *
from balebot.updater import Updater

updater = Updater(token="Your_Bot_Token_You_Give_from_BotFather",
dispatcher = updater.dispatcher

Note: you need set if you want to get logger

Sending a generic simple message:

Note:Simple bot hear function

allows you to hear and answer the client.

@dispatcher.message_handler(filters=TextFilter(keywords=["hello"]))  # filter text the client enter to bot
def hear(bot, update):
    message = TextMessage('Hello')
    user_peer = update.get_effective_user()
    bot.send_message(message, user_peer, success_callback=success, failure_callback=failure)


Generic Bot Output

Sending a simple voice message:

Note:You should upload it first!

allows you to send voice message(you can send a document in a same way).

def send_voice(bot, update):
    user_peer = update.get_effective_user()
    v_message = VoiceMessage(file_id=file_id, access_hash=access_hash, name="Hello", file_size='259969',
                                 duration=20, file_storage_version=1)
    bot.send_message(v_message, user_peer, success_callback=success, failure_callback=failure)


Generic Bot Output

Sending a generic template message:

Note:Generic Template Messages

allows you to add cool text buttons, to a general text message.

def ask_question(bot, update):
    general_message = TextMessage("a message")
    btn_list = [TemplateMessageButton(text="yes", value="yes", action=0),
                TemplateMessageButton(text="no", value="no", action=0)]
    template_message = TemplateMessage(general_message=general_message, btn_list=btn_list)
    bot.send_message(template_message, user_peer, success_callback=success, failure_callback=failure)


Sending a generic purchase message:

allows you send purchase message that clint can pay it by press "pay" button.

def purchase_message(bot, update):
    message = "your message"
    user_peer = update.get_effective_user()
    first_purchase_message = PurchaseMessage(msg=message, account_number="your cart number", amount="how much do you want to ask",
    bot.send_message(first_purchase_message, user_peer, success_callback=success, failure_callback=failure)