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A library of UI components, built using React, styled-components and styled-system.

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npm install --save rendition


Wrap your application in the Provider component and start using components!

import React from 'react'
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'
import { Button, Box, Provider } from 'rendition';

    <Box my={3} mx={['auto', 15]}>
      <Button primary emphasized>Click me</Button>


For an interactive demo of all components, see


Wrap your application in the <Provider> component so that child components can correctly inherit the default theme. You can optionally provide your own theme.

Accessing the theme object

You can access the theme object in <Provider>'s descendant components using the useTheme hook:

import React from 'react'
import { useTheme } from 'rendition';

const MyComponent = () => {
  const theme = useTheme()

  // ...

Styled system

All components support styled-system attributes, allowing you to use a shorthand properties for styling components. The properties can have the properties in the form of string | number | Array<string | number>. If an array is provided, then a property is chosen based on the width of the screen. The screen width corresponds to a breakpoint set in the theme property of the Provider component, by default this is set to [32, 48, 64, 80] where each number is the screen width in ems.

Name Type Description
width ResponsiveStyle sets the width
minWidth ResponsiveStyle sets the min-width
maxWidth ResponsiveStyle sets the max-width
height ResponsiveStyle sets the height
minHeight ResponsiveStyle sets the min-height
maxHeight ResponsiveStyle sets the max-height
fontSize ResponsiveStyle sets the font size
display ResponsiveStyle sets the display css property
color ResponsiveStyle sets the color css property
bg ResponsiveStyle sets the background css property
m ResponsiveStyle sets the margin css property
mt ResponsiveStyle sets the margin-top css property
mr ResponsiveStyle sets the margin-right css property
mb ResponsiveStyle sets the margin-bottom css property
ml ResponsiveStyle sets the margin-bottom css property
mx ResponsiveStyle sets both the margin-right and margin-left css properties
my ResponsiveStyle sets both the margin-top and margin-bottom css properties
p ResponsiveStyle sets the padding css property
pt ResponsiveStyle sets the padding-top css property
pr ResponsiveStyle sets the padding-right css property
pb ResponsiveStyle sets the padding-bottom css property
pl ResponsiveStyle sets the padding-left css property
px ResponsiveStyle sets both the padding-right and padding-left css properties
py ResponsiveStyle sets both the padding-top and padding-bottom css properties

*ResponsiveStyle corresponds to a type of string | number | Array<string | number>

Extra components

Some components in the storybook are grouped separately under the Extra label. These components are not loaded by default as they rely on other large packages that you may not want to include in your application. If you would like to use them they can be loaded using by prefixing the component name with rendition/dist/extra/. For example to load the Markdown components you can use:

import { Markdown } from 'rendition/dist/extra/Markdown';


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