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Music Player

This project is a project for playing a playlist on Resin-supported devices, synchronised to one another.

The project currently uses Grooveshark to stream music specified in a separate frontend application.

The project is in major development at the moment so don't expect stable behaviour just yet :)


To change configuration options you can either edit config.json directly before pushing to, or preferably use environmental variables via the application screen.

Configuration variables use camelCase in the config.json for consistency with code but SNAKE_CASE in environment variables for consistency with typical environment variable syntax - the code automatically converts between the two.

Configuration Variables

  • Debug Mode - DEBUG_MODE - debugMode - Determines whether debug output will be shown in logs.
  • Firebase URL - FIREBASE_URL - firebaseUrl - The Firebase backend to use.
  • Grace Period (ms) - GRACE - grace - The 'grace period' i.e. delay before starting to play to allow devices to synchronise.
  • Maximum Skew (ms) - MAX_SKEW - maxSkew - The maximum skew between track time and expected time in the track.
  • Setup Grace Period (ms) - SETUP_GRACE - setupGrace - The grace period before starting to play doesn't take into account the time taken to setup playback - this specifies the time given for initial playback to be setup, preventing the track from starting behind schedule.
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