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🃏 A flexible Front-End workflow for any webapps
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A flexible Front-End workflow for webapps

What's BalmJS?

BalmJS prescribes best practices and tools to help you stay productive.


  • gulp + webpack for any Front-end projects
  • Automagically compile PostCSS/Sass/Less
  • CSS Autoprefixing
  • Automagically generation CSS sprites
  • enable ES2015+ features using Babel
  • Awesome images optimization
  • Built-in preview server with BrowserSync
  • Custom publish assets to remote (Front-end to Back-end) project
  • ZIP/FTP/PWA supported


Returning to webapp's original nature.

├── .tmp         // Scaffolds out a temporary directory for development
├── dist         // Scaffolds out the production build
├─┬ src          // Source code in here (Create a directory in project)
│ ├── fonts
│ ├── images
│ ├── media
│ ├─┬ scripts
│ │ └── index.js // Required. A entry file for JS.
│ ├─┬ styles
│ │ └── main.css // Required. A entry file for CSS.
│ └── index.html // Required. A entry file for HTML.
├─┬ config       // Optional. But recommended. Refer to BalmCLI's templates.
│ ├── balmrc.js
│ └── publish.js
├── .dotfile     // (e.g. .gitignore, .browserslistrc, etc...)
├── babel.config.js
├── gulpfile.js  // Required. A configuration file for Balm.
├── package.json // Required.
└── ...

🚀 We recommend using Balm CLI to scaffold out a front-end web app. 👻


Project Status Description
balm-cli NPM version ♠️ BalmJS scaffolding tool
balm-gui N/A ♣️ GUI for BalmJS
balm-ui-lite NPM version ♥️ Material Design Lite + Vue
balm-ui NPM version ♦️ Next Generation Material UI for Vue.js
balm-scroll NPM version 📜 Smooth scrolling for Vue.js



0. Requirements

You need to set up your development environment before you can do anything.

Install Node.js® and npm if they are not already on your machine.

Verify that you are running at least node 10.13.x and npm 5.2.x by running node -v and npm -v in a terminal/console window. Older versions maybe produce errors, but newer versions are fine.

You develop apps in the context of an Balm workspace.

To create a new workspace and initial starter app:

mkdir -p balm-project/src/{styles,scripts}
cd balm-project
npm init -y

🔔 BalmJS workflow using gulp for the build process, so you need install gulp-cli globally and gulp local dependency.

yarn global add gulp-cli
yarn add -D gulp
# OR
npm install -g gulp-cli
npm install -D gulp

# Verify
$ gulp -v
# Output:
# CLI version: 2.2.0
# Local version: 4.0.0

1. Installing balm

yarn add -D balm
# OR
npm install -D balm

We currently recommend using Yarn instead of npm.

2. Configuration

In your project directory, create a file named gulpfile.js in your project root with these contents:

// 1. import balm
const balm = require('balm');

// 2. config balm
balm.config = {
  // Your project config

// 3. run & enjoy

📃 Refer to configuration docs to learn more about config balm.

3. Usage

Run the command in your project directory:

# For development

# For production
gulp --production
# OR
gulp -p




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