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Pico CMS theme utilizing Skeleton boilerplate
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Skull theme for Pico CMS

Skull is a basic Pico theme made utilizing the Skeleton 2.0 responsive boilerplate. The theme is using stock Skeleton for the most part, with a few Pico-specific additions.

Comes with two layouts; one with a vertical navigation, one with horizontal navigation.


1) Clone the theme into your Pico theme directory.

    cd /path/to/Pico/themes
    git clone

2) Edit your config.php file and change $config['theme'] to $config['theme'] = 'skull'.

3) By default the theme is set to have a vertical sidebar with navigation. To change to something that looks more like the default Pico theme (with horizontal header), rename index.php file to index-v-nav.php and rename index-h-nav.php to index.php.

    cd /path/to/Pico/themes
    mv index.php index-v-nav.php
    mv index-h-nav.php index.php

4) At this point you can remove the alt theme layout if you don't find in necessary. There's also a layout specific css file in skull/css direcotry.


Vertical sidebar navigation

Screenshot 1

Horisontal header navigation

Screenshot 2


Screenshot 0

To Do

  • Make sure this works with Pico 1.0
  • Make layout switching easier
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