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Sep 18, 2020
Merge pull request #579 from bancika/next
  • v4.9.0a
  • a680a5b
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  • v4.9.0a
  • a680a5b
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@bancika bancika released this Sep 18, 2020

[New Feature] Added "Phono Jack" schematic symbol
[New Feature] Added keyboard shortcuts for zoom in and out using standard Ctrl and +/- key combination and Ctrl+0 to reset to 100%
[New Feature] On MacOS the app registers to open .DIY files
[Improvement] Switched from iText to OrsonPDF library for PDF creation. Render text as vectors to ensure consistency with display and avoid font issues
[Improvement] Rewritten most of the code behind Searchable Tree functionality to make it faster and more stable
[Improvement] Improved rendering precision, especially when using metric units
[Improvement] Improve snap to grid when moving a node that connects several components
[Improvement] Improved board sizing, keep explicit dimensions in sync with control point location
[Improvement] Shorten donation label when the window is smaller
[Improvement] Allow rotate and mirror actions on Pin Header component

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  • v4.8.0
  • a03806c
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  • v4.8.0
  • a03806c
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@bancika bancika released this Sep 4, 2020 · 41 commits to master since this release

[New Feature] Added German UI translation
[New Feature] Use ALT key to temporarily switch to "Highlight Continuity Area" mode
[Improvement] Reset "Highlight Continuity Area" mode configuration on application exit to avoid confusion in the next session
[Improvement] Improved Dutch translation
[Improvement] Make file writes more resilient to crashes to avoid loss of data
[Bug Fix] "Outline Mode" produces rendering issues when "Cache Boost" feature is enabled
[Bug Fix] Program won't start with some older configuration files due to different format of themes

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  • v4.7.0
  • a03806c
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  • v4.7.0
  • a03806c
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@bancika bancika released this May 11, 2020 · 41 commits to master since this release

[New Feature] Added "Crystal Oscillator" component
[New Feature] Added Italian UI translation
[Improvement] Dismissing the closing confirmation dialog using the "X" button should behave the same as selecting "Cancel"
[Improvement] Apply translation to the context menu
[Improvement] Fixed the orientation of the second coil of humbucker pickups. Now it's north start, north finish, south finish, south start
[Improvement] Improved Spanish translation
[Bug Fix] Projects created with version older than 4.5 that contain "Trace Cut" are showing errors when loaded in 4.5

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@bancika bancika released this May 3, 2020 · 54 commits to master since this release

[New Feature] Internationalization - added support for translating UI of the app to other languages. Get in touch if you wish to translate DIYLC to your language
[New Feature] Added "Sizing Mode" to Image component that allows stretching the image freely using two control points
[New Feature] Added "Loadline Editor" to the File menu, to be used in the future to calculate tube or transistor bias point using loadlines
[Improvement] Include themes and fonts in OSX app package
[Improvement] Do not show control points of locked components while dragging other components
[Bug Fix] Some boards (e.g. Breadboard) stop working at certain orientations
[Bug Fix] Component leads on resistors, capacitors, etc disappear when they are very short
[Bug Fix] Prevent "Radial Film Capacitor" from switching to standing mode when end points are too close

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@bancika bancika released this Apr 20, 2020 · 100 commits to master since this release

[New Feature] "Add Flexible Leads" action added in the context menu that replaces straight leads of leaded components with flexible leads and adds leads to some components that do not have them (e.g. Transistors, Tube Sockets, Potentiometers, etc)
[New Feature] Added ability to lock and unlock individual components from the context menu
[New Feature] Added "Rotary Selector Switch" component
[New Feature] Added support for automated regression testing of core functionalities which should reduce regression bugs in the long run
[New Feature] Added support for rotating and mirroring potentiometer symbol and transistor symbols
[New Feature] Added mirrored pin display options for "DIL IC"
[Improvement] Fixed grid alignment issues with ruler marks when both the ruler and grid is in metric units
[Improvement] Standardize how folded transistors are displayed - updated TO-92 and TO-1 packages

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@bancika bancika released this Apr 16, 2020 · 120 commits to master since this release

[New Feature] Added "Find" functionality that locates and selects component(s) matching the search text
[New Feature] Added "Sub-Mini Tube" component
[New Feature] Added "Tag Strip" component for point-to-point layouts
[New Feature] Added "Duo-Diode" tube symbol
[New Feature] Added "Access User Files" in the Help menu that takes you to logs, backup and config file location
[New Feature] Transistor components can display pinout instead of name or value
[New Feature] Added optional outer foil marking for all film capacitors
[New Feature] "Trace Cut" can now be placed horizontally or vertically when "Cut Between Lines" is selected
[Improvement] Prevent the app from closing while running background operations, like saving and exporting files
[Bug Fix] Fixed the issue with "Highlight Connected Areas" not recognizing some conductive areas
[Bug Fix] Fixed Proto Board and Breadboard issues with "Cache Boost" mode enabled
[Bug Fix] All terminals of a "Terminal Strip" were connected together by mistake
[Bug Fix] Transistor would disappear when "Folded" is selected

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@bancika bancika released this Apr 9, 2020 · 155 commits to master since this release

[New Feature] Added component-level caching that should speed up rendering dramatically. While in experimental phase, it will be exposed as "Enable Cache Boost" item in the "Config" menu so it can be turned off if it causes any issues
[Improvement] Improved performance math calculations used to model "Twisted Wires"
[Improvement] Improved performance of "Highlight Connected Areas" feature
[Improvement] Faster auto-scroll while dragging a component outside the visible portion of the canvas
[Bug Fix] Older files that contain "Open Jack 1/4" components sometimes open with the jacks rotated the wrong way
[Bug Fix] Switched terminal on the "Open Jack 1/4" does not stick to other components
[Bug Fix] With multiple components selected, if one of them is a single-point component (pad, eyelet, etc), starting a drag operation on that components results in losing the selection on the others

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@bancika bancika released this Apr 5, 2020 · 182 commits to master since this release

[New Feature] Exposed few of the most commonly used configuration items in the top-right toolbar for faster access
[New Feature] Added "Ruler Inch Subdivision" config option that allows inch rulers to be subdivided either using base of 2 (1/4, 1/8, 1/16) or base of 10 (1/10)
[New Feature] Added few out-of-the-box building blocks that can be deleted if unwanted
[New Feature] Added TO-126 transistor package
[New Feature] Added "Duodecar B12C" tube socket type
[Improvement] Improved performance of "Highlight Connected Areas" feature, especially with bigger projects
[Bug Fix] Choosing a default theme in the Config menut causes the app to fail to start and some components to fail to render
[Bug Fix] Fixed the issue with tube symbol mirroring
[Bug Fix] Fixed tube socket pins that can be dragged independently from the socket

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@bancika bancika released this Apr 3, 2020 · 199 commits to master since this release

[New Feature] Added "Dot Spacing" property in project settings that shows dots on every N-th grid line intersection
[New Feature] Added "P-0+o (Proto) Board" component by Kristian Blåsol
[New Feature] Added "Pin Header" component
[Improvement] Added ability to delete default component variants
[Improvement] Moved "Tape Measure" to "Misc" category
[Improvement] Better "Expand Selection" logic. Works well with conductive components like traces and wires and regular components like resistors and capacitors
[Improvement] Refactor dependencies to internal Java classes that are market as proprietary in Java 8 (could potentially affect "Hi-Quality Rendering" mode and loading older DIY files that contain images)
[Bug Fix] Fix "Ohm" symbol rendering issue with some fonts by switching to the regular Omega character instead of the dedicated Ohm symbol that is absent in most fonts
[Bug Fix] Issues with circuit analysis introduced in version 4.0.1. Wires and jumpers are made non-conductive by mistake.
[Bug Fix] Issues with connectivity check with some components (e.g. Jumper) where the middle of the component was considered as a connected point
[Bug Fix] When moving or deleting trace cuts from a vero board, highlight connected areas would still render the area from before the cut was deleted
[Bug Fix] 4P5T and DP5T guitar switches were not properly configured for internal pin connections
[Bug Fix] "Humbucker Pickup" doesn't render second coil poles properly in certain scenarios
[Bug Fix] Minor fix in tracking conductive areas
[Bug Fix] Cannot edit "Hookup Wire" properties when opening existing files

Assets 5
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