@bancika bancika released this May 8, 2017 · 22 commits to master since this release

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[New Feature] Import files created in DIYLC v2
[New Feature] Ability to force components to the front or back of other components even outisde their designated layers, allowing placing components or jumpers below boards, etc
[New Feature] 'Tilde' key repeats the last added component
[New Feature] Duplicate selection option in Edit menu and popup menu (Ctrl+D)
[New Feature] Added bitchin new splash screen
[New Feature] Potentiometers can show an optional shaft, can have either solder lugs or PCB pins and rendering includes the wafer
[New Feature] Ability to change PCB board shape from rectangular to oval
[Improvement] Do not block the UI while checking for new version at startup (can be problematic when there's connectivity issues)
[Improvement] DIL IC label rotates to fit the longer side of the component. Name and value are displayed in separate lines
[Improvement] Better axial electrolytic rendering. Changed default color of all electrolytic capacitors
[Improvement] Editable toggle switch color
[Improvement] Changed border color of memory status bar in bottom-right corner not to be red under OSX

@bancika bancika released this Apr 25, 2017 · 57 commits to master since this release

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[New Feature] Assign F1-F12 keys as shortcuts for frequently used component types or building blocks
[New Feature] Type-in selection nudge
[New Feature] Show and hide each individual layer
[New Feature] Red ticks on both rulers mark selection bounds, blue tick tracks cursor position
[Improvement] Improve precision for Solder Pad and Copper Trace by not rounding the size up or down
[Improvement] Show selection size in both inches and centimeters
[Improvement] Use standard OSX/Mac "command" key for menu shortcuts and to un-stuck components
[Improvement] Use balloon to show announcements and update notifications
[Improvement] Moved logs to user's home directory
[Bug Fix] Issues with DIL and SIL IC pin alignment when using metric grid and pin spacing
[Bug Fix] Resistor changes shape on its own

@bancika bancika released this Apr 20, 2017 · 77 commits to master since this release

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[New Feature] Added 'Recent Files' to the main menu to keep track of the previous 10 files
[New Feature] Hold Control key to zoom with mouse wheel. Zooming (somewhat) tracks mouse cursor position
[New Feature] Ability to set project-wide default font through 'Edit Project Settings' dialog
[New Feature] Added wizard installer for Windows that associates the app with .DIY files automatically
[Improvement] Moved config and auto-save file locations to standard user directory instead of using the app directory
[Improvement] Do not allow creating zero-length components (e.g. traces, lines, etc)
[Improvement] Hookup wire can be sent to back behind boards
[Improvement] Solder pads can be sent behind copper traces to allow creating white border around traces on top of a ground plane
[Improvement] Ability to edit color of copper traces, curved traces and solder pads at the same time when they are all selected
[Improvement] Tooltip doesn't cover buttons in the right side of the status bar
[Bug Fix] Component library empty if the app is installed in a folder that contains special characters in the name

@bancika bancika released this Apr 10, 2017 · 99 commits to master since this release

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[Bug Fix] Thumbnail sometimes gets very small when uploading a project to the cloud
[Improvement] Ability to change resistor shape (tubular or standard "dog bone")
[Improvement] Added more control over Breadboard size, orientation and appearance

@bancika bancika released this Jan 26, 2017 · 107 commits to master since this release

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[New Feature] Ability to quickly save a group of components as a building block and use it later
[New Feature] Show/hide rulers
[New Feature] Show/hide the grid
[Improvement] Ability to type in hex value in color editor
[Improvement] Ability to rotate tube sockets for arbitrary angle and change color
[Improvement] Flip tube schematic symbols
[Improvement] Renamed "template" to "variant" as it is describes the meaning more closely
[Improvement] Applying a variant/template shouldn't affect component placement
[Improvement] Improved rotation and mirroring of multiple components at the same time
[Improvement] Improved resistor rendering to look more realistic
[Improvement] Editable single coil pickup pole pieces (rods or rails) and pole piece color
[Improvement] Editable humbucker pickup pole pieces (rods or rails) and pole piece color
[Improvement] Editable P90 pickup pole piece color
[Bug Fix] Component type gets selected while expanding folders in the component tree

@bancika bancika released this Jan 5, 2017 · 141 commits to master since this release

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[Bug Fix] Cannot type "q" letter in any of the boxes around the app
[New Feature] Mirror selection horizontally and vertically
[New Feature] Ability to set a default template for component type (grey "pin" icon in the template popup)
[Improvement] Default focus on "Text" field for label
[Improvement] Consolidated popup menu items with "Edit" menu
[Improvement] Renamed menu actions for renumbering to be clearer

@bancika bancika released this Dec 30, 2016 · 150 commits to master since this release

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[New Feature] Searchable component tree instead of the old toolbar (can be changed back from "Config" menu)
[New Feature] Open 1/4" Switchcraft-style jack added
[New Feature] LP-style switch added
[New Feature] P-90 pickup in both "dog ear" and "soap bar" variations added
[New Feature] Telecaster bridge pickup added as a variation of single coil pickup
[New Feature] Mini humbucker pickup added as a variation of Humbucker pickup
[Improvement] X-axis coordinates for all perfboards are now numberical
[Improvement] Improved trace cut rendering to look more realistic
[Improvement] Improved guitar pickup rendering to look more realistic
[Bug Fix] Using unicode characters (like micro character) in template names breaks the whole config file
[Bug Fix] Fixed broken links in the Help menu
[Bug Fix] TriPad board didn't show coordinate labels even when configured to do so

@bancika bancika released this Dec 23, 2016 · 185 commits to master since this release

Assets 4

[New Feature] Terminal strip component added
[New Feature] Battery schematic symbol added
[New Feature] Glass diode component added
[New Feature] SMD capacitor and resistor added
[Improvement] Tube, transistor and potentiometer symbols can be rotated
[Improvement] Added percent text box next to the slider for editors like Alpha or Scale
[Improvement] Better object line representation when zoomed in
[Improvement] Increased maximum zoom range from 200% to 300%
[Improvement] Improved pentode symbol without the suppressor grid

@bancika bancika released this Nov 12, 2016 · 203 commits to master since this release

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[New Feature] "Project Cloud" feature introduced with global project sharing functionality
[New Feature] Transformer core and coil schematic symbols added that can be used to put together custom transformer symbols
[New Feature] Added Public Announcements feature
[Improvement] Potentiometer and transistor symbols can be flipped horizontally
[Improvement] Reduced DIYLC package size
[Improvement] Auto save and recovery made a bit smarter
[Improvement] Popup dialogs work better with keyboard - Enter confirms, Escape dismisses dialogs
[Improvement] Make order of items in the 'Edit Project' dialog more logical
[Improvement] Better support for old V1 file import
[Improvement] Toggle switch terminal spacing can be changed
[Improvement] Allow multi-line project description
[Bug Fix] Changing Display to one trimmer affects all trimmers and does not get saved to the file
[Bug Fix] Solder pad component should not allow negative size
[Bug Fix] Fixed silent error when having a resistor without a valid value (e.g. missing units)

@bancika bancika released this May 9, 2016 · 313 commits to master since this release

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[Bug Fix] Undo works only one level back (bug introduced in 3.29)