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EOSIO RabbitMQ Plugin

EOSIO RabbitMQ Plugin


Install librabbitmq

yum install librabbitmq-devel.x86_64


apt-get install librabbitmq-dev


git clone https://github.com/alanxz/rabbitmq-c.git
cd rabbitmq-c/cmake
sudo cmake --build . --config Release --target install

Building the plugin [Install on your nodeos server]

#cd /usr/local/eos/plugins/
#git clone https://github.com/tmuskal/eos-rabbitmq-plugin.git rabbitmq_plugin

edit /usr/local/eos/plugins/CMakeLists.txt:

edit /usr/local/eos/programs/nodeos/CMakeLists.txt:
#target_link_libraries( nodeos PRIVATE -Wl,${whole_archive_flag} rabbitmq_plugin -Wl,${no_whole_archive_flag} )

How to setup on your nodeos

Enable this plugin using --plugin option to nodeos or in your config.ini. Use nodeos --help to see options used by this plugin.

Setup queues

rabbitmqadmin declare exchange name=trx.accepted type=direct durable=true internal=false 'arguments={"alternate-exchange":"trx.accepted_alt.fanout"}'

rabbitmqadmin declare exchange name=trx.applied type=direct durable=true internal=false 'arguments={"alternate-exchange":"trx.accepted_alt.fanout"}'


Add the following to config.ini to enable the plugin:

parameters for rabbitmq_plugin
# --plugin eosio::rabbitmq_plugin
# --rabbitmq-hostname
# --rabbitmq-port 5672
# --rabbitmq-username guest
# --rabbitmq-password guest
# --rabbitmq-accept-trx-exchange trx.accepted
# --rabbitmq-applied-trx-exchange trx.applied
# --rabbitmq-block-start 100
# --rabbitmq-queue-size 5000


  • requeue on publish failure